A downloadable game for Windows

Ally is a single player game exploring what it takes to be a good ally.

We have several more features planned for this little prototype, but thank you for playing our jam!

How to Play

When the robot's eyes target a particular type of meeple, you can use Q to iterate through your speech to match that meeple (either color or shape will do).

Spacebar activates the speech.

If you speak up near another meeple, that meeple will also start to speak up.

When the agents (white square guys) come to take away that type of meeple, if they encounter someone speaking up about them, they will bounce and leave.

To survive, match your speech to the targeted meeple, then get as many other meeples (who are not the target) to speak up, and also personally intercept the agents also.

The game ends when half of the meeples are in prison. How long can you resist?

Install instructions

Made with GameMaker, currently for Windows only, but we may port to Mac and possibly browser in the future.


ally.exe 12 MB